down we roll by Mark Magoon


down we roll

proud pearl be the peephole a whole moon
so put those hands up past trees,  pull down
the sky

be the sky be the

which is why down is so
dangerous—dirty and garden-faced
so surely, whether or not i want
to touch you—let me wash first

first this test then

self-test together

What else is spring for?


Mark Magoon writes poetry, short stories, and secret songs for his dog. He is the author of the chapbook The Upper Peninsula Misses You (ELJ Publications, 2015). His work has appeared many places–including Burrow Press Review, DIAGRAM, Midwestern Gothic, The Nervous Breakdown and many others–and has been nominated for Best of the Net and the Pushcart Prize. He currently serves as Visiting Lecturer in the First-Year Writing Program at The University of Illinois at Chicago and makes home in the Windy City with a wife far too pretty. He wrote this piece in hopes of an early spring.