Your Fading Comet by Caleb Neubauer


Your Fading Comet

You knew this night would eventually arc beneath your fading comet
Still, you wonder if you should have set the alarm or even bought the clock
to wake and watch this final shimmer—in all its heat and light—together
Your golden comet

A blueish rabbit nearby hides in the dark hungrily
You’re not so different: yearning for the spring and summer lawns; blissful forage; ample clover

How do you turn on a single dime with all the love you still carry?

These years have taught you more than any book you have ever read, but all books must end
So point your heads up skyward and let your eyes gleam with your precious comet


Caleb Neubauer is a musician living in Chicago, IL. Katie In and Erik Jarvis helped record “Your Fading Comet” to tape in Grinnell, IA, spring of 2016. More of their work can be found at
“Your Fading Comet” is licensed under a CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 Creative Commons License.