San Francisco is by Paul W. Jacob


a poem that’s been written
a thousand times
by a thousand different voices
on a thousand sheets of paper

all torn, and drowned
or folded into origami boats

and set upon the sea
maybe one

in a lifetime

slips beyond the breakers

and all the others, dreams and hearts

passionate and paddling for the big calm blue horizon

broken, flung effortlessly
upon the rocky shores
of our awakenings.


Paul W. Jacob is the author of the spiritual memoir, The Mystical Mixologist, to be published in the Spring of 2016. He is also the former Publishing and Editorial Director of Modern Nomad Magazine and worked as a Feature Writer for the global club-culture magazine Revolution. His poems, locational essays, music journalism and travel stories have been published in literary journals, cultural magazines, and newspapers. Jacob currently teaches creative writing at select colleges in Florida and leads contemplative retreats at spiritual centers like Ghost Ranch in New Mexico.