Logan the First by Castle


You can take her face in all at once and give it back

her pink cheeks           brown specks         wide eyes       nice teeth.

This is the face of the face

the daughter of a mother

like she was copied from a textbook

a diagram

a scan

with all the                                                                             important parts                                                                          kept.

Her baby listens or hears the world outside


but can’t move                                     save for


deep sea diving.

From the world unseen to the world outside

the doctor’s office is white and washed


ready for the seed of the seed            the branch of the willow tree

ready to paint these walls every shade of the living.


Jiordan Castle is a writer from New York living and working in San Francisco. Her work has appeared elsewhere in print and online. She gets personal at nomoreundead.tumblr.com and can be tweeted @jiordancastle.