To be alone with the person that is sometimes you by Jeremiah Moriarty


Small  talk   we had some-
thing       long   past         the headlights
don’t last       flooding gin     an evening of
done-up       hold on  to   this

you     are    in    love   you    are

long past     flooding gin    small talk
you can     feel it    on the road    home
relax    and    shift              shorn of all the
boys long      past       this new one like
hold on     to this   headlights

don’t  last      something    you had
an evening      done-up and   shorn of

worth     long past      you can feel it
on the road    home.


Jeremiah Moriarty’s work has appeared in Hobart, Two Cities Review, Rust + Moth, Handsy, The Axe Factory, and other publications. He was also a 2015 finalist for The Iowa Review Award for poetry. He studied at Carleton College and lives in Minnesota. To learn more,