First Class is an online literary journal. We publish handwritten fiction, non-fiction, reviews, art, poetry, critical essays and other experimental forms that can fit on a postcard. Share your place, your language. Capture an illusive idea or intriguing memory. Speak to a new culture, city, landscape. Surprise us.

You save a postcard because of the memory it triggers, because it carries meaning that extends far beyond its petite format. You read into its lines — nearly illegible chicken scratch about the rose garden leaning from the edge of Lake Superior, the strange snapshot of palpable uncertainty — for embedded details of place and hope and humanity. “I was thinking of you” becomes the origin of a story, the spot where the ordinary becomes epic, where the personal becomes shared.

In a world of increasing impalpability, we prefer to retreat to an ethereal world of intimate hand-scrawled-notes.

We publish a new postcard every Monday. Please direct all general queries to info [at] firstclasslit [dot] com. You can find us on Twitter and Facebook.

Joe Engleman, Founding Editor
Dylan Fisher, Founding Editor
Clare Boerigter, Editor